How to lower your blood pressure in 20 sec. without medication !

If your blood pressure at this moment is 178 mm/Hg , you might feel uncomfortable, giddy and have a risk of stroke ! If you could lower your blood pressure say 25 mm/Hg to 153 mm/Hg instantly (less than 10 sec..) without medication, you would have a short relief (although temporary) and eliminate the risk of stroke by yawning ! If you have no natural/spontaneous yawning , try to ” imitate/induce ” an artificial yawning ” by yourself ! Process of imitating yawning : open your mouth widely then breathe in deeply through your mouth, pause and breathe out faster in one shot (simultaneously say a word ” Ha ” would be much helpful ) like a light burst through your mouth. Repeat the whole process for a few times ! (According to my experience : spontaneous yawning would lower b-p 25 to 30 mm/Hg, whereas imitating yawning is about 20 mm/Hg within 20 sec.)

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