About Me

Hohn Khew with pole

How It All Started

A Physics teacher by training, Master Wong grew up in the back lane of China town Singapore and have gone through world war 2 when he was a kid. As a result of malnutrition due to the Japanese occupation in WWII , he grew up thin and was often bully by gangsters in his teenage years. One day, he happened to pass by Singapore Chin Woo Athletic Association (新加坡精武体育会 ) near his home in Chinatown (still present now) and was fascinated by martial arts practitioners who gathered there every night to practice various form of Chinese martial arts. He has long admired the grand master Huo Yan Jia (霍元甲) who setup Chin Woo Men in China and could not lose the chance of becoming a member of its association in Singapore.. and never look back..

A retired teacher now, Master Wong continues to pursue Martial arts enlightenment while also loving every moment of the day sharpening his skills on his other love :  Table Tennis and the Stock Market.


Why The Emphasis on Taiji (太极拳) In my Blog ?

More than many other martial arts, Taiji has a certain feeling to it, which can only be captured by practicing with full understandings of the core values of  tai-ji namely, coiling & neutralization.
Over the years, Taiji has evolved. So does its popularity. However many so-call “Taiji” instructors that I’ve met  here only teach the “Form” but lack true understanding of how it could be applied in real combat (for example, tai-ji vs TKD) This reflect badly on Taiji as a martial art !

As a result, ordinary folks have the opinion that Taiji is a form of slow exercise designed for the elderly who can’t perform strenuous activities.

It is my hope that my blog will bring awareness to those interested in the Art that there are more to Taiji then an exercise to keep the old man fit – That it could be a very practical form of self-defense.

I wish that you enjoy my topics as much as I love creating them. (oh yes, I love table-tennis,  violin & er-hu playing  and topics relating to Chinese traditional medication studies, politics..etc .

Feel free to drop me a comment in my topics/posts.