Acupuncture without needles

Acupuncture without needles

Using either a rubber or bian-stone (砭 石)hammer to hit the following acupuncture points for approximately 2 to 3 mins each on both symmetrical parts of our bodies (say twice a day) would help to release some illnesses : (Note : 砭石 is much better than rubber due to its natural infrared radiation which could activate our blood circulation in order to enhance our immune systems.)


Targeted Acupuncture points




What is it for ?  :  to lower blood pressure and lessen the shoulder-pain (if you could apply some ointments like : 活络油舒筋露苏楚峰油….before hitting that may help to release shoulder-pain better !)












What is it for ?  : hypertension, fever, arm-pain (e.g. tennis-elbow) and rashness.

  • Note : When one experiences a sudden rise in blood pressure, targeting this acupuncture  pt. would depend less on medicine (i.e.  preventing over dose on medicine !)











located at about 3.5 cm from the joint between the 1st and 2nd toe bones .

What is it for ?  :  hypertension. (Note : using fingers to massage those acupuncture points may be less effective due to tiredness and less penetrating power especially for the fleshy parts of the body !



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