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Taiji`s neutralization & coiling (太极缠丝手)

In Taiji, we do not encourage the use of brutal force to counter or go against the intruding force. If we could use comparatively  little force to change the direction of the coming force, this skill is called tai-ji neutralization.…
Wong`s Taiji – 搂臂冲拳followed by 金鸡独立

  中国拳手时常与对手蛮拚(例如一龙与 Adrienne-G 之复仇 之战,互相重拳对击),极为不智,为 何不用 “ 刚柔并重“ 的打法,更为 快捷精彩!请细听:一招 ”搂臂冲拳“ 改良自太极之”搂膝拗步“,对付直拳,简 易实用。此招的优点在于:楼对方右臂时,已闪身至对方的右边,除了可从侧面近距离攻击对方的面部之余,又可避免对方中部(对壘咏春特别有效)和左边手和脚的攻击;同理,搂对方左臂时,则可闪身到对方的左侧…….     **(注意:视频以慢动作示範,方便初学者练习!)
太极起式 化解锁喉+ 金鸡独立

There was one true case happened 3 yrs ago that a local man married a foreign lady and lived together with a step daughter aged 12. One day the husband suspected that his wife was unfaithful to him. The drunken…