Tai-ji talk: The interaction of tai-ji and TKO !

32 years ago, I was 48, I took part in a TKO competition with my competitor who was nearly  20 years younger than me, i.e. around 30. I joined the TKO club only one month ago, still in white belt but my competitor was in brown belt ! If I did not join the TKO club, then I could not justify the interaction of my tai-ji with the TKO ! In the action, he stood 2 m from me. My disadvantage was removing my spectacles in the fight !  I focused on his steps as he moving nearer.   About 1 m distance away, he advanced faster with his left front leg, then slanted his body to his left, This very moment, I realized that he would launch his right leg to attack. As he used a right leg round-kick towards my face, I used my right forearm with full power chop to strike on his coming leg ( I practiced chopping hard bamboo-stick for 1 wk to strengthen my endurance ). Simultaneously I felt a great pain on my forearm and heard a cracking sound of his bamboo protecting kit from his leg ! He suddenly got a shock. There was a pause of 2 or 3 sec, I quickly turn my body 180 degrees anti-clockwise so that my left back-leg becoming front-leg in advance. That moment, my left shoulder  was so close to his chest. His still stood on the floor with one leg. I took advantage of this instance to lean against him instead of striking  in order to fulfill the tai-ji theory : ” 4-oz could deflect hundred lbs (四 两拨千斤)! ”  He then fell a meter away. The verdict was: no winner in this fight because I did not launch a single kick and therefore being ” disqualified ” ! This was the 1st and last interaction with TKO ! Later I told the referee that the movement which I just used was a newly developed tai-ji movement called : ” Turn around to lean and strike ( 转身靠打)“ !

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